GENESIS is a company (SME, small and medium-sized enterprise) based in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Specialized in acoustical analysis and sound design applications, GENESIS develops and commercializes a software application called LEA, mainly based on Time-Frequency representations. LEA is a unique tool able to perform the connection between physical characteristics of sounds and auditory perception. LEA can also be used as a recording and listening portable 3D studio to allow the 3D-reproduction of the original acoustical environment.

LEA is used for signal design by companies such as Airbus Industries, Volvo, Renault, VW, Mizuno, Nizzan and others.

Moreover, GENESIS offers Sound Quality expertise on all the evaluation process: sound recording, 3D sound reproduction, signal analysis and processing, synthesis, evaluation of human perception, listening tests, statistical analysis and sound quality objectivization. GENESIS is also the French leader in 3D audio simulators. In this area, GENESIS designs and realizes simulators for Industry and Defence mainly dedicated to sound quality studies, listening tests, training or marketing purposes. GENESIS audio simulators integrate real-time audio synthesis and 3D sound reproduction (on headphones or loudspeakers).

GENESIS won the 2005 Industry Prize awarded by the French Acoustical Society.