Tel Aviv University

The team at Tel Aviv University is the Mathematical Visual Perceprion Laboratory (MVP lab). This laboratory, headed by Prof. Nir Sochen is part of the department of Applied Mathematics in Tel Aviv University in Israel. The department of applied mathematics has expertise in geometric design, non-linear differential equations and in numerical analysis.

The expertise of the MVP lab covers mathematical aspects of signal and image processing, with particular expertise in variational techniques, group representation methods, analysis of Partial Differential Equations and their solution by analytical, parametric and numerical algorithms. The MVP lab has many collaborations with groups in neuroimaging, microscopic imaging, computer vision and signal processing applications such as radar and communications.

The general role of the MVP lab within UNLocX is first to construct meaningful variational principle from those minimizers for the Heisenberg-like inequalities developed in the component Localization Measures. Second role is to solve the the variational principle and to generate a basis and/or a frame for signal analysis and synthesis tasks.