University of Bremen

The team at the University of Bremen is the Industrial Mathematics Group of the Center for Industrial Mathematics (ZeTeM). The ZeTeM, which presently employs 48 scientists, has considerable expertise with research and industrial projects - the formulation of complex problems from the natural sciences and engineering using modern methods of applied mathematics is the main objective of this institution. The Industrial Mathematics group focuses the research on inverse problems, signal und image processing, wavelets, sparse representations, numerical analysis, and parameter identification. Classification and clustering with applications in Life Sciences is another focus of this group.

Peter Maass, the leader of the ZeTeM and the Industrial Mathematics group at the University of Bremen, coordinates the overall scientific activities of UNLocX. The group of Peter Maass is in charge of 3D MALDI Imaging and participates in the several other scientific activities of UNLocX (theoretical, algorithmical and application).