University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is represented by the Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group (NuHAG), which is headed by Prof. Hans Georg Feichtinger. Research done at NuHAG centers around Harmonic Analysis and its Applications, understood in a wide sense, from first principles to efficient algorithms. Over the years the research group has established a lot of experience in interdisciplinary cooperation (with geophysics, engineering, medical signal processing, audio processing, musical signal analysis, etc.). Among others efficient algorithms for scattered data approximation have been developed in full broadness (from theoretical justification up to optimized implementations), as well as methods for non-orthogonal expansions of signals for a given set of atoms. The theory of co-orbit spaces developed in the late 80s has become a key construction for the kind of signal expansions which will be the core of Frames and Signal Expansions and also crucial for the overall project UNLocX.